Enabling the ARTA Quote Request feature in your Artlogic account

If you are an Artlogic customer and are interested in automatically sending quote requests to ARTA from your inventory system, our integration is for you.

Read on below to find out how to enable the integration in your Artlogic account.


  • You must be an existing Artlogic customer
  • You must be an Admin of your Artlogic account in order to enable the integration (forward these instructions on to your Admin if you do not have access)

How to enable the ARTA quote request feature in Artlogic:

  1. Navigate to your admin preferences page by clicking the Other > Admin > Preferences > Core Preferences dropdown option in the nav
  2. Within your Core Preferences page click on the "Other" tab and scroll to the "Third-Party Integration" section
  3. There you will see a toggle next to "Enable ARTA integration". Toggle this setting to turn on the ARTA quote request integration. 

Once the feature has been enabled in Artlogic via the above steps, submitting a quote request to ARTA via your Artlogic account is easy. If you'd like to learn how to submit a quote request to ARTA via your Artlogic account, check out this article.

Visual guide:
Step 1:

Step 2 & 3: