Even though I am coordinating the booking, can I have a 3rd party pay?

Yes! We've created a share feature that you can find on every shipment, which allows you to share the quotes you have received with a 3rd party (it is not required that the 3rd party have an ARTA account to view and pay for the shipment). Sharing will only allow the recipient to view quotes related to that particular shipment; the recipient will not be able to access any other information in your account.

When you click on the "share quotes" link to the right of your shipment title, you will see a drop down that allows you to either copy the link to share with a 3rd party, or email the 3rd party directly.

When the recipient receives the link, they can view the quote options, select the one they'd like to move forward with, and pay via credit card.*

*Please note, if the recipient is based in the EU, due to recent changes in EU payments regulations, for a temporary amount of that recipient you will no longer be able to pay by credit card directly in the ARTA dashboard. Instead, please have the recipient call our team and we will accept your credit card payment over the phone.