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How do I get a quote?

Getting started: receiving your first ARTA quote.

There are two ways to get shipping and service quotes from ARTA. All require that you create a free ARTA account to get started. Then, simply select "New Request" in your dashboard.

  1. Get quotes immediately with ARTA Instant Quote (IQ).
    1. ARTA IQ is best for straightforward shipments going from point A to point B. By entering a few details, we provide guaranteed, bookable quotes in seconds. Quotes include shipping and service costs, such as packing, insurance and installation.
    2. ARTA IQ provides quotes for road freight in the US and Europe, as well as select international hub to hub air freight. 
  2. Compare custom quotes via the ARTA Extended Request form.
    1. The Extended Request Form is particularly useful for complex shipments, such as those involving multiple items, multi-location pickups/dropoffs, or round-trip services. It is also ideal for shipping oversized or extra heavy objects.
    2. Please fill in as many details as are known. You will be notified via email as quotes become available (within 24 hours for US domestic shipments and 48 hours for international shipments). Quotes can also be viewed in your dashboard.