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How do I view a quote in a different currency?

If booking via the Extended Request form, you can view quotes in any of the 17 supported currencies on the shipment view in your ARTA dashboard. At this time, you cannot view Instant Quotes in currencies other than USD.

Under the shipment header and above the blue quote summary boxes you will notice a dropdown that displays a flag and a three letter currency code. By default all quotes are shown in USD until a customer checks out.

Clicking on the dropdown will expand the component to display all available currencies. At the top you will see our top 5 most commonly used currencies, with the remaining available currencies below in a scrollable list.

Once you select a new currency, all values of quotes on the shipment you are viewing will update to display the most current conversion to the selected currency. We use the live mid-market exchange rate against the USD to calculate values.

Note that we do not lock in an exchange rate until you complete check out (i.e. pay via credit card or request an invoice). This means that until you check out, prices displayed on the quote are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may vary from day to day. To learn more about this click here.

To learn how to pay in a different currency click here.