How to check whether the ARTA feature is enabled on Artlogic

Not sure whether or not the ARTA Quote Request feature has been enabled in your Artlogic account? There are a few easy ways to check:

  • Do you see "Request ARTA Shipping Quote" in the Shipping section of the Documents, Reports & Exports pop up? If you don't that means the ARTA feature is not enabled. You should see this:
  • Do you see "Submit to ARTA" after initially hitting "Save" on your shipping request? If not, you are using the basic shipping quote request feature and not actually submitting to ARTA. You should see this:

If after checking these few things you do not see the ARTA feature that means the integration has not been enabled on your Artlogic account. Luckily, enabling the feature is easy and takes just a few seconds. 

Read on here to see how to enable the ARTA Quote Request feature in your Artlogic account.

Do you see the ARTA feature and need some guidance on how to actually use it? Check out our article here with a detailed step-by-step guide of how to use the feature.