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What does an ARTA quote include?

Costs included in an ARTA quote

ARTA's premium shipping services are carried out by specialized climate-controlled transportation operated by trained technicians from wall to wall. 

Included in the quote is the following.

For domestic shipments:

- Fine Art Handling
- Custom Packing
- Temp Control
- Two Man Service
- Room of Choice Delivery
- Customized Service Dates
- Customs Control Administration

For international shipments:

- Customs Clearance
- Export AES
- Custom Crating
- Customs Control Administration


Optional service add ons:

- ARTA Transit Insurance
- Condition Report
- Unpacking & Debris Removal
- Installation
- Art Fairs
- Exclusive Use
- Storage and Viewing
- Tarmac Security
- ATA Carnet
- TA/Bond Administration 
- Cultural Export License