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What if I don’t know what type of packing my work needs in order to receive an Instant Quote?

You must include a packing type to receive an Instant Quote.

In order to receive an Instant Quote, you must include if the item is already packed and the type of packing, or, if you will require packing.

If you don't know what packing type you need, you can:

  • Chat with or email our team of experts for packing advice.
  • Select "ARTA recommended" and we will quote for the most appropriate packing to ensure safe transport of your items.
Please note, items shipping via air freight are required to be crated. If your item is already crated, please select “crate” and enter the crate dimensions. If your item is not yet crated, enter the item dimensions and we will prompt you to confirm you will need crate fabrication included in your quote.