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What is an EORI number?

Helpful information about EORI

What is an EORI number?

An EORI number – which stands for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number – is a unique ID code used to track and register customs information in the EU.


Who needs an EORI number?

You can register for an EORI number as a business or an individual. All EU based importers and exporters need an EORI number – and in some cases, organisations based outside of the EU but trading within Europe, need one too.

It’s helpful to know that if your company is part of a larger holding group, then the application for an EORI number must be processed by the parent company, not the subsidiary.

If you are a private individual, and importing, you do not need to apply for an EORI number. For export, you will need to apply for an EORI number.


How to apply for an EORI number?

Visit your local government website


What does an EORI number look like?

An EORI number is made up of a country code, to show where the organisation or individual is registered, and a unique code or number. For example, UK businesses are as follows:

  • VAT registered businesses: GB + VRN (VAT registration number) + 000
  • Non-VAT registered businesses: GB + unique number issued by HMRC