What is the ARTA API?

The ARTA API (“Application Programming Interface”) is the first public API that allows customers to unlock powerful e-commerce capabilities that:

- Improve their client experience

- Increase operational efficiencies

- Drive growth through an expanded, international fulfillment footprint

The ARTA API allows our system to send data to and receive information back from any other systems integrated with the API. It can be integrated directly into customer-facing platforms and mobile apps, internal operations systems, or even sales associate applications, and includes a suite of robust features:

  • ARTA Instant Quotes with multiple service tier options
  • ARTA Packing Suite
  • ARTA Shipment Tracking (coming soon!)

Connections and data are always private and secure for each integration, meaning the data passing between our systems will not be accessible by any other integration.

To learn more about the API and its features, check out our blog post. If you are interested in integrating with the ARTA API, please email api@shiparta.com