What types of businesses would the ARTA API be useful for?

The ARTA API is a powerful tool that could be useful for any company that wants to interact with shipments or shipping quotes in any way, such as:

  • Galleries with inventory management systems - Integrating with the ARTA API means you could submit requests for quotes to our entire vendor network with just the click of a button, regardless of whether you're shipping just one item or an entire exhibit. If you use a 3rd party inventory management system let us know, we might already have an existing integration available!
  • Auction houses or galleries with internal bespoke systems - Our API has also been integrated into homegrown systems at auction houses (online and offline), to streamline their logistics processes.
  • E-Commerce platforms - If your business has an e-commerce platform you can leverage the ARTA API to display shipping estimates and options to customers to ensure they have full awareness of all costs prior to checkout. Not only that, but ARTA will be able to fulfill those more difficult specialized shipping orders for your customers.
  • Shipping vendors & logistics providers - Tapping into the ARTA API means you will be able to streamline your quoting process, removing hours of work and annoying data entry for members of your team as well as providing a faster response to potential customers, which means more booked jobs.
  • Others! Other types of entities we are working with include: provenance & verification technologies, conservator networks, and insurance companies.

If you are interested in learning more about the ARTA API and how an integration could streamline logistics for your business, please email api@shiparta.com