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Why do I see a Foreign Transaction Fee on my quote and how do I avoid it?

In an effort to better support our international customers, ARTA has introduced the ability for customers to pay in 17 different currencies when checking out on the ARTA platform.

If you are paying in USD, GBP or EUR you will not be charged a foreign transaction fee. 

However, if you are paying in a currency other than the three listed previously, you will see a 3% foreign transaction fee appear in the "Fees" section of your quote. This is because the payment processor we use charges a fee to convert funds from currencies not supported by the currencies of our bank accounts.

In order to minimize the number of customers that are impacted by this foreign transaction fee we have opened multiple bank accounts to support the most common currencies our customers want to transact in. We are also actively researching alternative international bank accounts that will allow us to better support a broader range of currency transactions without incurring fees.

How do I avoid this foreign transaction fee?

If you would like to avoid this 3% foreign transaction fee you can change the currency of your quote to USD, GBP or EUR. 

Keep in mind that if your credit card or bank is not based in a country that supports those three currencies, your credit card provider or bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee of their own. To avoid this fee from your bank please check the policies of your provider before checking out. 

There are a number of banks and credit card providers that offer international transaction support that do not charge foreign transaction fees. If your bank or credit card provider is one of these you can safely check out in USD, GBP or EUR without being charged any fees.

If you have more questions please reach out to hello@shiparta.com.